Por María Verano

When she is blue
I’m blue too.
It’s the shade we know best.

She’s always been my favorite thing
in the sky
and in the sea.
But I don’t like her when she rains
that makes me cry
it hurts here.
And I don’t like her when she is calm
I want her rough
I want to jump the waves.

But I carry the sea and the rain inside me
and I want to take care of them.
We are one heart.
The moon rules us.
The storm cleans our sins and the salt heals our wounds.

I’m still learning how to love
staying calm watching the waves crash,
breathing deeply under the storm.
Feeling more like a landscape than a person.
Whole, naked and free.

You see,
I’m full of feelings
and I wonder
does the sea ever overflow?

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